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One Last Post for this Particular Adventure

You know that expressive look (eyes wide open, head slowing turning to the direction) that someone gives when they hear something that they had reeeeeeally had hoped wasn’t what they had heard …..Yup, guaranteed to soil your shorts every time.


A few photos of the alligators I had come across while in Florida….

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Abrupt End to an Amazing Adventure

img_3736aPort St. Joe, Florida – We had arrived early that morning, where David’s wife Tracy would be arriving shortly to pick us up.

I’ve had an amazing adventure filled with so many irreplaceable experiences that will be cherished forever, including meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

So, its with great sadness to announce that I unfortunately must end this adventure due to unforeseen circumstances. I won’t be able to return to this adventure anytime soon, therefore I’m letting you know that this adventure has come to an end. I know you’re shocked, just as much as I am, and there will be a lot of unanswered questions.  

I’ve added all my photos from this adventure, including photos that never made it into the stories, here – A Visual Experience

So what’s in the future?

My adventurous spirit, attitude and drive didn’t end here.
I’ve already been doing more!

Prior to returning to Canada, I’ve had an opportunity to go on an unexpected one week adventure!  The stories & photos are right here at my primary website – One Canadian’s Journey 


The Last Sunset

Thank-you for all your support, kind & encouraging words, and for following this adventure.


Jayson D. Ambrose
One Canadian’s Journey 

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Sand Crab Cuddles

img_3704aWell, now that my second tent pole had broke the night before, and there were no trees for my hammock, I was stuck to sleeping like this…

Of course that is just asking for critters to crawl on you during the middle of the night. That’s exactly what happened, ugh!  

The calm and peacefulness of the middle of the night was ever-so-slightly shattered by the guy in the broken tent, kicking and screaming (in the most masculine way of course),  “What the heck was that!?”.    You’d think David would have appreciated my quick response to assess and then defuse a stressful situation, but nooooo.  The whites of his eyes lit up the inside of his tent and he was now wide awake,  a little disorientated but wide awake none the less, “What, what, what’s wrong!?”.  I calmly informed him, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” 

The next morning the beach was filled with sand crabs that only came in one size…and there were hundreds of them!   


David holding up one of the Sand Crabs first thing the morning

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Along the Water’s Edge (Part IV)

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We had entered The Gulf of Mexico at Panama City, where the water was warm, incredibly blue and clear! Although we had the waves to contend with, they weren’t as big or powerful as the last time in Destin.

With David between the shore and myself, we weren’t even 10 min into The Gulf when a 15 foot shark swam right underneath me!

Pointing at it and letting David casually know we had company with my high pitched masculine scream, “Shark!”, he turned to me and said, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine!”

I looked at the shark, I looked at David, I looked at the shark, I looked at David and yelled, “When was the last time you read anywhere in the same paragraph the words “shark” and “you’ll be fine” !?”. That’s when I noticed David paddling faster and heading to the shore. Geez!

img_3680aThe shark swam away and that was the last we saw of him….only because from there on in… I stopped looked down into the water.



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Dancing Blue Heron

This guy stood on the post, posing away.  I’m pretty sure he was going to pull out his own cellphone and start taking selfies.


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Along the Water’s Edge (Part III)

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