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I had an opportunity to speak with a few journalists and although each article shares similarities, there are some difference that you might find interesting. Here’s what they had to say….

(I will update the Information & Links as I receive them.)

  1. Winnipeg Free Press Newspaper – Have Paddles, will Tavel
    by Ashley Prest (Sept 3rd, 2016)  
  2. Aldergrove Star Newspaper – Aldergrove Kayaker tackles the Great Loop
    by Dan Ferguson (Sept 23rd, 2016)
  3. Camrose Booster – Ambrose to Kayak North American Great Loop, (page 25)
    by Murray Green (Sept 20th, 2016)
  4. Camrose Canadian – Kayak Adventurer ready to paddle Great Loop, by Amielle Christopherson (Oct 12th, 2016)
  5. Manitoulin West Recorder, by Tom Sasvari 
  6. Lagniappe Mobile – Kayaker to take on The Great Loop, (scroll 1/2 way down) by Mark Bryant 
  7. Fox10TV – Studio 10 (Mobile Alabama) – Jayson Ambrose Kayaking The Great Loop – 9am live broadcast with Joe Emer & Chasity Byrd on the morning show (Sept 28th, 2016)
  8. Langley Times – Tackling The Great Loop by Dan Ferguson (Sept 28th, 2016)
  9. FM Talk 106.5 – Radio Interview with Sean Sullivan (Sept 30th, 2016)
  10. Fox10TV – Man Begins 6000 mile kayak tip – Alexa Knowles (Oct 1st, 2016)
  11. Adventure Kayak Magazine – Canadian Man Departs for 15 Month Kayaking Expedition, by Hannah Griffin  (Oct 4th, 2016)

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