Map & Find me!

(zoom in / out …have fun with it!) Yellow Line – my projected route. The green lines represents an alternative route that I may consider.

How to find me
1. Zoom in on the LOGO on the map.
2. Click onto the logo – it will display the Date & Location of where I’ve been.  (I’m traveling in a counter clockwise direction, so that should help with which logo is my last known whereabouts)
3. Updates on Facebook – One Canadian’s Journey 

Sign my Kayak!

Yes, I will stop on shore for you to add your signature, you won’t have to swim out and try signing it in the waves….although that would be a cool story to add to this adventure!  

Gather a few friends and Track Me Down through the online map, OCJ – The Great Loop & through Facebook – One Canadian’s Journey

1c LogoStop by, come out and say “hi”, wave hello and add your signature to my kayak!


1c LogoSpend a few hours  of paddling along side!  Join in by participating and then add your signature to my kayak!


1c LogoIf you’re really adventurous, come out for a few days and paddle & camp along side!  Join in on the adventure and add your signature to my kayak!

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