Doing it for Charity ?

I did not choose a specific charity for several reasons…

Originally I thought I would do this adventure for a charity or an organization that was fighting against cancer because ultimately cancer had claimed my mother.   Along with a lot of unfortunate people, she died at a young age and its that young age is what has affected me more.  It had me thinking of all the horrible diseases that has shorten life for so many…

Although I feel that a charity fighting against cancer is obviously a great choice, I also feel there are so many other well worthy charities that are fighting against the destruction of the human body and mind.  

So if you’re going to donate to any charity, consider this…

No matter where you are on this planet….

Please donate to a local charity of your choice, on behalf of One Canadian’s Journey,
which is trying to rid the destruction of the human body & mind
so that others may be allowed to experience life
…. a little longer.


Miss you mom.

Jayson D. Ambrose

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