Granville Island copyHi!  I’m Jayson D. Ambrose, the guy behind One Canadian’s Journey , which has received the honours of being featured on ehCanadaTravel.com and Awarded Top 3 Canadian Travel Influencers 

I love exploring, meeting new people and sharing a few stories & laughs along the way.    

I’m just one Canadian exploring the world around me and always looking for a new adventure, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes I don’t even take a map, I go where ever the road takes me.

Although I was born and raised in Winnipeg MB, I’ve lived in Alberta, and I’m currently residing in British Columbia.

The adventure is not about going from destination to destination…
Its about everything in between.

Enjoy and be Aware of Each Moment
as it Brings New Discoveries of People, Places, and of Self.

Jayson D. Ambrose

One Canadian's JourneyMy Primary Blog
One Canadian’s Journey – This is where I write about my other adventures that are not geared to a specific form of transportation, but about my everyday explorations & adventures.

A visual ExperienceA Visual Experience – Strictly a photo album of all my adventurous experiences.  Includes additional photos that never made it into my blog posts, but are still an important part of the stories.

Nomadic MotorcycleNomadic Motorcycle – my adventures by motorcycle.




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