Sand Crab Cuddles

img_3704aWell, now that my second tent pole had broke the night before, and there were no trees for my hammock, I was stuck to sleeping like this…

Of course that is just asking for critters to crawl on you during the middle of the night. That’s exactly what happened, ugh!  

The calm and peacefulness of the middle of the night was ever-so-slightly shattered by the guy in the broken tent, kicking and screaming (in the most masculine way of course),  “What the heck was that!?”.    You’d think David would have appreciated my quick response to assess and then defuse a stressful situation, but nooooo.  The whites of his eyes lit up the inside of his tent and he was now wide awake,  a little disorientated but wide awake none the less, “What, what, what’s wrong!?”.  I calmly informed him, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” 

The next morning the beach was filled with sand crabs that only came in one size…and there were hundreds of them!   


David holding up one of the Sand Crabs first thing the morning


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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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One Response to Sand Crab Cuddles

  1. Donna says:

    Ah, Ghost Crabs 🙂 They come out at night.
    Hope you are doing well.

    Liked by 1 person

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