I wasn’t going to share this…

For personal reasons I wasn’t going to publicly share the following incident – I have to share at least a portion of it to further prove my point…

img_3407aDavid Lannie (from Mobile Alabama had joined me for a couple weeks) and I had paddled during the morning hours and came to rest on a beach in front of a restaurant, which we had not intended but since we were there and needed a break, we decided to stop in.

While waiting for our food to be served…

All of a sudden, a gentleman collapsed to the ground from what appeared to be a massive heart attack.  Another gentleman and I performed CPR until the EMT arrived. In the end, I don’t believe he survived, leaving behind his screaming and very distraught wife.

One minute I’m paddling and enjoying life’s experiences, watching the dolphins play, stingrays flying underwater, fish jumping, paddling through fields of jellyfish, and seeing many new things I’ve never experienced. The next minute, life throws a curve ball, an event that was at the opposite end of the spectrum of what I was doing.

This unfortunate incident further proves my point…..It’s important to realize that you (me) were never promised tomorrow, let alone 5 minutes from now, so while you can, please go out and enjoy the time you do have.

This was an experience and a very harsh reminder of “Why I do what I do”.


This picture was taken later that evening

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2 Responses to I wasn’t going to share this…

  1. coolspot253 says:

    Hey, are you planning any of your local encounters with new people some of your magic tricks I’m sure you still remember?


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