USA Military Aircrafts

When I first experienced the sight and sound of a US Military Helicopter, I was in shock & awe.

img_3438aOut of nowhere, a US Military Helicopter approached from behind and the first thing I couldn’t believe was the deep rumbling sound.

At first I couldn’t see it, making it very eerie because it had the exact same sound from the opening scene of one of the Transformers movie with the Helicopter approaching the base.

img_3439aWhen it passed over me, I was waiting in anticipation for it to transformer. I know, know, weird. But when you’ve never seen one or heard one before, it was the first thing that comes to mind.

img_3468aThroughout Florida’s Panhandle, it was quite often I’d see military jets flying in formation, making the loud screaming screeching sounds to let you know that they were nearby. More often than not, you’d hear them before you’d see them, and by the time you saw them they were already far away in the distance.

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One Response to USA Military Aircrafts

  1. Miriam says:

    I imagine it would have been awesome. I know I was enthralled at the air ambulance helicopter that landed near us last week when we were camping.

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