Friendly Pufferfish

Taking a break to stretch, David was off to the side looking for crabs, while I walked along the shoreline looking for any unusual and neat looking seashells.

I had picked up a couple that I had thought was pretty impressive, but that’s when David called me over to show me a fish. I’m thinking, “A fish? Really? I’ve seen fish before. Wait until he sees the seashells I found!”. Looking where he was pointing, it was a Pufferfish! I’ve only seen small ones in pet stores, so this was so cool!. I looked at the seashells, looked at the pufferfish, looked at the seashells…. and then… ditched the seashells, sigh.

This Pufferfish nonchalantly kept swimming, however it let David put his hand underneath him and pick him up. The pufferfish was at least 6 – 7 inches and very neat to see . You gotta love nature!  Not holding him for very long, the pufferfish left David’s hand and continued swimming in the area …and I stopped looking for seashells, sigh.


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  1. J-Stroke says:

    You get to experience, on Florida’s western, coastal trip, the most accessible, diverse, natural and environmentally fantastic experience anywhere within the U.S. Unfortunately the Governor and GOP legislative body continues to chip away at it with unsustainable, natural environment destroying development. You may only fully appreciate it once you get to Miami and finish on the eastern coast. The upcoming “Forgotten Coast” will show you the “Indian’s” Florida.

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