Live Interaction – Skype with Students

Special “Hi!” to J.H.Bruns Students & Mr. Bayek

A high school teacher and I came up with an idea to surprise his Social Studies class with a live interaction through Skype.

Here’s how it played out….

Once the students were settled in their seats, Mr. Bayek, gave a few words about the earlier settlers exploring by canoe and coming across new places, new cultures, and new experiences. He went on to introducing a “video” of a guy (me) who loves to explore and it just so happens that he’s doing it by kayak.

A short minute and a half “video” played and img_3404awhen it was over, I sat very still while Mr. Bayek asked his students if they had any questions. After a bit of a pause & silence, I moved and informed the students that they could ask me anything.  Shocked and unsure, the students snickered with questions whether or not this was a pre-recorded video or was it actually live.

20141120_103328Its always exciting for me to share, especially with students because I’m sure they really appreciate the live interaction over having to read everything in text books. This type of live interaction gives them a sense of being closer to the story.

I will be touching base with them in the future and as I continue to make my way around The Great Loop.


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