A Little Mishap

First and Foremost – To all those involved with this situation, thank-you for all your help – A Special Thank-you 

hospital-visitI knew something was wrong when
I had stopped sweating…

What’s A little Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion to add to the adventure? 

Since 7:00am, I was enjoying the moments and the excitement of exploring somewhere new.  A few of the things I had seen throughout the day were the magnificent dolphins and jellyfish swimming by, the white sandy beaches, as well as seeing the very fast & loud fighter jets flying in formation.  

With a smile on my face, I wasn’t really paying attention to the long  hours spent paddling in 92-94 degree fahrenheit with a humidity you could bottle, while under a relentless sun.  It was a learning experience that knocked me down, but not out.   No matter how much water and gatorade I consumed, it still kicked my butt.  

It was roughly 5:00pm when I had observed and approached another kayaker, who assisted with getting me medical attention from the Naval Air Station Base in Pensacola FL.

oct-5-2016After my little hospital stay, I ended up at a hotel with no phone and only the clothes  I was wearing, my water shoes, wallet & passport.  So there I was … in a dive of a hotel with the only one itty-bitty hotel bar of soap that would have to wash me and the clothes I had on. 

I was able to connect with a few amazing people, fellow kayakers (Noemi Mendez, Daniel Miller, Laura Bartlett, Darwin Frison) in the area, who had assisted me greatly, and it was very much appreciated. 

After a short stay in Pensacola, I flew back to Canada to recover from a couple issues it had caused, however, there is no way I wanted to end this adventure.  I’m living life and enjoying the moments.  No worries, it’s all good! 

***Note – I’ve already returned back to the water and continued where I had left off!

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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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8 Responses to A Little Mishap

  1. Wow, that’s terrible. I hope all is okay and that you’re feeling better.

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  2. Donna says:

    This explains a lot! Glad you were rescued! Contact me when you can. Donna/Inglis Yankeetown Lions

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  3. Bill Harder says:

    Long way from Camrose… I send Light and Love to surround you on your pilgrimage.

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  4. PMD says:

    I had a similar experience travelling in a van (aka oven) in Texas with all the windows and vents open. I had stopped sweating, but I wasn’t thirsty. When I started feeling sick, I covered up and started guzzling water and recovered without incident. Heat stroke is no picnic. Apparently we were in the hottest place in the US – 110F. (2 days later freezing in the mountains in coldest place in the US.)

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  5. Bob says:

    …bon voyage!

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  6. Golson, Eva says:

    Thank you for the update.

    I hope that you do not have any more health issues.

    Eva Golson


    Mobile Film Office

    City of Mobile




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  7. h2o Traveler says:

    Hi Jason
    I wear my watch on the outside of my paddle shirt and drink from my camelback every 30 minutes if I feel like it or not. A good practice to get into. On another note Russell Farrow, of Sweetwater Kayaks in St Petersburg has a symposium towards the end of Feb every year. If you make it down there by then you should consider attending. Some rolling classes might be a lot of fun😛

    Best Regards and safe paddling

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  8. Brian Wadsworth says:

    Hi. I did the great loop from Minneapolis to Florida Keys to New York. I had a more luxury than you did but I started at the end of Oct 2012. and came out in Mobile Al 2 days before Christmas. You may find some helpful information in my blog for that trip. Blog is Confusion on the Water. I am also Canadian from Gimli Manitoba.
    A friend in Winnipeg informed me today of your blog. I shall follow your adventures this winter.
    I am in the Port Charlotte area of Florida. If in the next month you need assistance let me know. I will be splashing my sailboat in the water late Dec of early Jan.
    Continue on safely and enjoy your trip.

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