Fire Ants

First Impression of Fire Ants = Nope, don’t like them one bit

I hadn’t experienced very many insects so far, but boy, when I was putting up my tent… I sure experienced the wrath of fire ants! When they bite, holy smokes! And! They don’t let go! They hold on until you pull them off….geez.  My one ankle / leg was definitely feeling the pain these little guys can inflict.


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One Response to Fire Ants

  1. h2o Traveler says:

    Hi Jason
    I was hoping we would cross paths and at least say “hey”. I’ve already past Chocktawatchee Bay and I’m at St. Andrew state park tonight. Will be headed out at sunrise as usual. I hope you have a successful journey. I’ll be paddling the Keys for about a month in Jan and early Feb so maybe you’ll make it down and we can touch base. In the meantime, I suggest less messing around with ants and more paddling 😛

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