Ditching the Kayak Kaddy

img_3233aWhy I ditched the Kaddy – Its really unfortunate that I had to ditch the Kaddy on the 3rd day of this adventure because the concept behind it was a good idea, however it was causing me way more problems than what its worth.

The first couple days were spent on very calm water (as the picture shows), however some of my stuff in the kaddy was damp. Originally I had no idea what to think but somehow, or maybe I had not tightened the lid or the drain plug properly.  No problem, I aired it out, but still had a damp sleeping bag…ugh.

The next day and by the time I had noticed, the Kaddy had filled with water right to the brim. Everything inside was completely under water. You’d think I would have noticed the dragging of the dead weight, but I had not because I was fighting head winds and 2’ – 3’ waves crashing into my bow. When I looked back to see how the Kaddy was doing, it was too late. I salvaged what I could before ditching the Kaddy with a few items on someone’s dock, leaving a note.

That’s when I noticed the rudder was bent from the tether connecting the kayak & Kaddy…ugh. I was able to straighten it out, but its a little aggravating to know it’s damaged and I just began my adventure. 

With nothing dragging behind, I was making good time & distance.

The Pros – Great Concept / Idea

What I experienced – During the calm peaceful days it took on water.  During days of waves, it drowned. Other issues – Bent my Rudder, Drags, Veers off in different directions.  The bottom line… I had to ditch it…

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6 Responses to Ditching the Kayak Kaddy

  1. Miriam says:

    What a bugger but at least you gave it a go.

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  2. h2o Traveler says:

    Hi Jason
    I’m launching from Big Lagoon tomorrow. Will be paddling on the inside. Only a few days behind you.


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  3. Frewin says:

    Hay Jayson,
    hopefully this is your last misadventure.

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  4. I’m following your adventures! I’m having many local adventures of my own. I’m going to be living vicariously through you in the winter when I can no longer paddle.

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