A Fin Emerges!

img_3216aWhen I first saw the fin merge 20’ in front of me, there was no question, I was a little ..ummm… nervous…because my immediate thoughts were, “Oh boy, is this a shark?”  It took a few moments to realize that it would be my first dolphin experience. Very cool!  Loved seeing it!

As the dolphin crossed my path, I noticed there was a full rainbow in the distance.  It would have been a really cool picture to have taken from the shore of a kayaker, a dolphin, and a rainbow all in one shot.

I had many more dolphin sightings, which were usually during the early morning hours as they fed near the shores.

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2 Responses to A Fin Emerges!

  1. What an experience. Keep the stories and pictures coming. They’ll help us who live in less than tropical climates get through the winter.

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  2. Frewin says:

    LOL. I had a similar experience in September doing my birthday vacation. We are new to kayaking and had just purchased new ones for my birthday. We took them to Gulf Breeze Florida where we were lucky enough to find a hotel right on the beach. We’re able to store our kayaks outside our hotel room door. One evening we went out rather late for evening an adventure. My partner stated he saw a fin in the water. My first reaction was is it a shark however, to our delight it was a small school of dolphins. What a thrill. So I know exactly how you feel. Continued safe travels

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