The First Night…

img_3208aNow that I was alone, it just got real. 

My adventure had started earlier that day, and now I was alone and in unfamiliar territory. I embraced the moment and had to smile that my mishaps for the day wasn’t over…

Opening my Kaddy revealed it had taken on a little bit of water, soaking the lower portion of my sleeping bag and few other items. Oh well, no big deal, it’s been so hot and humid out, I would be fine. I would have to ensure I tighten the lid properly tomorrow so it won’t take in water.

Once I was set up for the night, I did a little exploring and took a few pictures.  (* If you’re a fan of my photography – A Visual Experience,  you won’t be disappointed when I reveal the never before seen photos at the very end of my adventure.  I’m only releasing a select few during this time.)

A beautiful moment and an amazing first night.
Very Peaceful, Calm, Relaxing, Hot & Humid with only a bug net covering me … Loved it!

I lay in my hammock, lost in my thoughts & dreams …

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About One Canadian's Journey

I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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3 Responses to The First Night…

  1. h2o Traveler says:

    Hi Jayson. Good luck in your adventure. We may cross paths at some point. I will be starting my paddle around Florida and up the GA coast at the end of the month. I’ll try to keep tabs on your location in case we have a chance to connect. You can find me at


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  2. Frewin says:

    Hello Jayson my name is Frewin Osteen. I started out with you in Mobile on the first day. You will find my name on your kayak. Just finding out how to keep track of you. Praying that you have a safe and successful trip. Looking forward to following your adventure vicariosly on social media.

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