Day 1 – The First Paddle Stroke

14448788_10209495005664662_8249323789943221067_naThe day of the launch was indescribable because it was filled with so many amazing people who came out to show their support. I tried to meet as many people as I could, as well as answer any questions as time permitted. I hope to see them all again upon my return! Thank-you everyone for your show of support!

dscf2166aMy kayak was strategically placed onto a picnic table, making it easier for people to add their signature to it prior to the launch.

Mess’n with journalist – Alexa Knowles from Fox10TV

14441012_909982492497966_120474826209581001_naAt one point I had stepped away but returned to find Alexa adding her signature among the others.

I approached Alexa from behind and stated, “Excuse me, may I have the marker to sign the kayak after you?”. Alexa, without looking in my direction, “Yes of course”.  She finished signing the kayak, turned around and without making eye contact, passed me the Sharpie. As she stepped back and was about to walk away, she made brief eye contact, then looked away to continue in the opposite direction, but then realized (double take) who I was and turned to me, “Oh Jayson! (laughed) Can I get an interview?”  (See interview – Man begins 6000 mile kayak trip)

A Video by Daniel MillerOne Canadian’s Journey Sendoff Paddle (Thanks Daniel!) 

14563506_1133625893396383_1807174537968669094_naApproximately 30 kayakers joined me on the water, where I began my journey. It really was a surreal feeling that was filled with enthusiasm and positive energy.

As the miles were being made, kayakers were slowly turning around and making their way back to the 5 River’s Delta Resource Center, leaving only 3 other gentleman to paddle along side.

My first bump in the “road”, so-to-speak, was the skirt. See I had purchased everything down here in the US and although I tried on the skirt, I should have made sure it fit the kayak. Yup….it had not. It was way too small but I had not realized it until I was already paddling.  Thank’s to Tracy & David Lannie, a new skirt was exchanged late afternoon.  Thank-you so much!

Eventually, everyone had gone home and I was on my own….


Mobile Alabama in the distance

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3 Responses to Day 1 – The First Paddle Stroke

  1. Les Preece Jr says:

    Good luck and safe paddling from Raleigh NC!

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  2. Trish says:

    Keeping watch from back…..home? Safe travel…awesome adventure

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