Who am I?


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About One Canadian's Journey

I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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6 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Kalispell Moore says:

    You’re an inspiration in more ways than one. Doing what most people only dream about and exploring the world around us 😀

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  2. Pat Drummond says:

    Have a great, safe trip. Sun on your face, wind at your back.

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  3. Mike Raffield says:

    Hi, If I am following you correctly you will be passing through my hometown Panama City this week (Oct 7-14). My wife and I would like to accompany you for a minute and would be happy to offer any assistance. We are here, checking in… Thanks and enjoy your moments!!

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  4. Be safe. Enjoy the journey. There will be bad times and incredibly amazing times, but they will all be fond memories one day. I will leave you with my two favorite quotes. ” No regrets, just lessons learned” and “what doesn’t kill you just really, really hurts.” I didn’t say they were wise quotes just my favorite.

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