On The Plane

3:00am – Waiting for my ridesept-27-2016_3am_a

7:00amOn the plane

Today is the day I boarded the plane from Vancouver BC and flying to the Gulf of Mexico (Mobile Alabama) 

I’ve been planning, preparing, organizing and waiting in anticipation for this day to come and it’s finally here!  It’s a little hard to believe and “who would have thought I’d been doing something like this?”.  I’m excited and thrilled to be given the opportunity!  I’m also very excited to meet the very friendly people who have contacted  & will be watching out for me along the way. 

flightOver the the next few days, I’ll be organizing all my gear, speaking with several people, visiting the launching site and ensuring everything is ready to go!  


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I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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2 Responses to On The Plane

  1. Mike Raffield says:

    The beginning of a wonderful journey!! I so much admire your spirit and wish you the best.

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