Have you heard of these 2 guys?

For those of you who enjoy a good read, a little bit of history, paddling and learning everything you can about it, I wanted to share this tidbit of information with you because its kind of neat in the respect that the following Two Very Famous Paddlers …. were both born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada…..my hometown.  

Don Starkell – Holds the Guinness World Record for the longest canoe trip to the Amazon
Bill Mason – Film Maker known for his Paddling Videos


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2 Responses to Have you heard of these 2 guys?

  1. Linda Robinson says:

    Although not famous, my brother (John Van Landeghem) and his friend Rick Ransom paddled from Winnipeg to NewOrleans in a canoe in 1967. Rick wrote a book about their adventures ..no blogs back then.

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  2. peppertoast says:

    My father and I have read all their books! Fans for sure.


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