Emails From Strangers

1c LogoNow that the word has been spreading of my upcoming adventure  (1 1/2months to go!), I’ve received a few emails from total strangers who will be checking up on me throughout.  What an amazing feeling when others contact me with words of encouragement and support!

One of the emails I received, was from a lady and her husband, who shared a little about the amazing adventure they are currently on. Although they have been paddling several States and Provinces, they’re goal is to paddle ALL US States and Canadian Provinces!  Wow, what an amazing journey! 

However, I was surprised and extremely appreciative when she forwarded our email conversations to 15+ individuals along Florida’s Panhandle, to watch for me. That in itself was an amazing gesture of kindness, to ask others to reach out, meet me along the way and assist if required.  I’m truly touched a stranger would do that for me.  Thank-you so much!

I hope to meet all those who have contacted me and reached out with encouraging words!  Be sure to come out along the route and add your signature to my kayak!

Thank-you to all those that have been spreading the word of my upcoming adventure!


About One Canadian's Journey

I'm just One Canadian out and about, exploring the world around me.
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3 Responses to Emails From Strangers

  1. thomasframes says:

    The Peterborough Paddling Club (Peterborough, Ontario) will be happy to greet you when you reach the Trent-Severn Waterway. Perhaps we can provide a “flotilla of honour” for you.

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  2. PMD says:

    You will have a lot of river rats looking out for you if you make it easy for people to know where you are. Mike Ranta used a Delorme inReach tracker in 2014 paddling across Canada -it worked well.

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